All-On-4 Dentures are one of the best ways to fit replacement teeth, developed in Portugal about twenty years ago.

This denture solution is comparatively new but plays quite a different role from conventional removable dentures. The dentures are permanently fixed into the mouth and cannot be removed. This means that the recipient no longer has to be worried about the denture slipping out of place or falling out completely at precisely the wrong time!

Premature Tooth Loss

There are many reasons for early tooth loss and it might not just be associated with poor oral hygiene. You may have had a car accident or have hit your face while playing sports leading to lost or damaged teeth. Not paying attention to your teeth throughout your life may lead eventually to tooth loss.

Once it happens you are faced with several basic issues. One is that you may find difficulty cutting and chewing your favourite foods, as well as foods like apples and crisp vegetables that need a bit of preparation by your teeth before they can be swallowed.  The second is whether you still have enough teeth or do you need some replacements? There are a number of tooth replacement solutions available which really depend on how many teeth need replacing.

The process for fitting All-on-4 dentures

It might seem a bit odd that all remaining teeth have to be removed before the new dentures are fitted. On the same day that the remaining teeth are extracted 4 dental implants are placed into position in different areas of the mouth. After 24 hours the new denture is fixed permanently into place using the dental implants as the fixing points.

Before the fitting of All-in-4 is confirmed a full dental examination will need to take place first. At this point a CT scan will be run. This is the key to assessing your suitability for the implants. Your jaw bone needs to be checked for density as this helps to decide exactly where the implants can be placed in firmly enough.  If all goes well with this and once further x-rays have been taken an appointment will be made to remove any remaining teeth.

Once this has been completed the mouth will be cleaned thoroughly to eliminate any bacteria. After this 2 titanium implants will be fixed in the front part of your mouth while 2 longer implants will be fixed in at the back. On top of these will be glued permanent dentures that use the titanium posts as anchors.

The advantages of All-on-4 permanently fixed dentures

  • New teeth are quickly put in place permanently;
  • Facial appearance is markedly improved;
  • Food choices are greater;
  • Easy to care for.

An All-on-4 denture has no problems handling all the most nutritional foods and at long last you can smile confidently with your family and friends. There will be no secret whispers behind your back as the dentures won’t slip out at an embarrassing time.

See your dentist today to see if All-on-4 is right for you.