Invisible braces sound somewhat magical, and many patients who have enjoyed treatment with them will confirm that they are. Simply Teeth dental clinic in Essex offers a number of discreet ways for adults to straighten their teeth – in secret.

A Guide To Invisible Braces

A Guide To Invisible Braces

There are many benefits to straightening your teeth at any age. As well as the obvious aesthetic gains. There are also several plus-points for your dental and general health. Straightening your teeth makes them easier to clean. Which reduces areas plaque can accumulate in. So long as you attend regular appointments with the dentist and hygienist at Simply Teeth in Essex. You can reduce your risk of both tooth decay and gum disease, and all the associated complications they bring.

The major barrier to teeth straightening treatment as an adult is the false belief that it has to involve obvious metal braces. Invisible braces provide an excellent solution. They are hardly ever being noticed by the untrained eye in daily life. They also have next to no impact on your lifestyle for the duration of treatment.

Invisible braces in Essex

When you come to our Essex dental clinic for a tooth straightening consultation. Your dentist will conduct a thorough clinical examination to determine the best course of treatment for your individual needs.

We offer several options for invisible braces at our Essex dental clinic. Depending on your needs, your dentist may recommend.

Six Month Smiles

These cosmetic braces comprise tooth-coloured and clear parts. So whilst they are not completely invisible, very few people will notice them because they blend in so well with your natural tooth colour. Furthermore, because they focus on the front six teeth in the upper or lower jaw, treatment takes just a few months.


These removable invisible braces can correct a wide range of issues. They work by fitting comfortably over your teeth to guide them into a better position. They are very convenient and good for dental hygiene because you take them out to eat, drink, clean, and brush your teeth.


FastBraces can be made from tooth-coloured parts, and move both the roots and crowns of teeth together for rapid orthodontic correction.