What most of us really want from our relationship with our dentist in Ilford is to feel safe and relaxed. You want to be able to trust that we can get all our needs met. If you find a good one, you can expect to have a lifetime relationship with your dentist. We want a dental practice that can fulfil all our dental needs and those of our family. You want to have to worry about going through the long process of finding and getting to trust another dentist.

We want to know that when we go to our dentist in Ilford, any advice we are given is going to be for our benefit. Not because our dentist is trying to benefit from us.

How many times have you had conversations with people who say something along the lines of ‘well I don’t know if I really needed a filling or not, but my dentist said I did and it just cost me £***.**!’?

Why choose us?

At Simply Teeth, our aim is to make sure that you get the best dental treatment at prices you can afford. We are a family practice that was originally established in 1976,. We’ve been treating patients in Essex for over 10 years.

Our team has been trained to make you feel as welcome and taken care of as possible. Each of us is here to ensure that you get the smile of your dreams, and your family does too.

However, you cannot have the smile of your dreams if your oral health is not at optimum levels. So our priority is to make sure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible. Only then will we consider cosmetic dentistry treatments.

A Lifetime Relationship With Your Dentist

When it comes to giving you treatments, whether they are aimed at oral health or oral beauty, you will be receiving treatments using the latest and best techniques, knowledge and equipment.

When you need treatment from your dentist in Ilford, we want you to be able to afford to pay for it in a way that suits your cash flow, which is why we also offer attractive financial packages. To find out more, why not call in and meet the team?