At Simply Teeth, your dentist in Ilford, we make it our mission to treat you with modern materials, equipment and dental techniques. Dentistry has a rapidly advancing knowledge base and we make it our aim to keep up-to-date with dental R&D. We always like to offer the latest technology in dentistry and to invest in what we consider to be the most beneficial new treatments and tools.

This has an impact on whatever treatment you require, whether preventive, restorative or even cosmetic. Take teeth whitening for example. If you thought this procedure means over an hour in your day spent at the dentist, then think again. At your dentist in Ilford, we can whiten your teeth with bleaching gels activated by laser technology rather than the normal UV light.

 The Latest Technology In Dentistry At Simply TeethThe Latest Technology In Dentistry At Simply Teeth

We love a good laser at Simply Teeth. Now laser technology has been applied to teeth whitening, in the form of a piece of equipment called the Epic 10 laser from Biolase. This impressive-looking piece of kit helps us markedly reduce treatment time for incisions, localised pain relief and teeth whitening.

At your dentist in Ilford, we can use the Epic 10 Laser to cut teeth whitening treatment times by two thirds, from over an hour to only 20 minutes. What’s more, your teeth will be 4 to 6 shades lighter than when you came in.

Not just for teeth whitening

As well as revolutionising the teeth whitening procedure, the Epic 10 laser platform can also be used for other treatments. Such as in place of traditional dental tools to perform various soft tissue procedures. These include the removal of the band of tissue. These bands can run from under the top lip to between the two top front teeth, creating a gap. Or the removal of fibromas that are clumps of cells often found on the inside of cheeks. Even the removal of excess gum tissue, and more.

The great thing about using the Epic 10 for these procedures is that the laser seals blood vessels as it cuts, reducing pain and blood loss. Also, because the laser has no actual cutting edges that come into contact with your body, it greatly reduces the chances of cross-contamination.

Give us a call and find out if our dental technology can help improve the look and health of your teeth.