Jaw joint dysfunction is something that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Medically referred to as Temporomandibular disorder or syndrome (TMD or TMS), TMD is a problem which affects the chewing muscles and joints of the lower jaw.

Suffering From Jaw Pain?

suffering from jaw painWhile not a serious condition in itself, TMD can cause a lot of pain and have a severe effect on a person’s quality of life. It is estimated that 30% of adults will suffer from it at some point, usually with the symptoms disappearing by themselves within a few months but that is not always the case. The main problems caused by TMD are:

-Clicking, popping or grating noise and sensations when chewing and moving the mouth.

-Muscle pain


-Difficulty opening the mouth

Some of the most likely causes of TMD include:

-Grinding or clenching of the jaw, which can also happen while asleep.

-Injury to the jaw


-An uneven bite

-Other underlying diseases such as arthritis

Did you know that facial rejuvenation treatments such as BOTOX and fillers can be used to treat TMD? At Simplyteeth Advanced we can help you with pain management of disorders such as TMD using BOTOX to successfully reduce and manage the associated pain.

BOTOX works by freezing the muscles it is injected into. This relaxes the muscle and reduces the frequency of its contractions, thus reducing the amount to discomfort. BOTOX has proven to work where other treatments for TMD have failed.

This treatment is quick, simple and effective. For more information or questions about how BOTOX can help you get in contact today!