Straighter teeth come with double the benefits; a brilliant smile to boost your confidence and better long-term dental health. Being faced with crooked teeth every time you look in the mirror can leave you feeling less than great; however, the prospect of fixed metal braces may not make you feel any better.

Avoid The ‘Train Track’ Look

At Simply Teeth in Essex, Invisalign technology is here to put a smile back on your face. Modern dentistry means you can straighten your teeth unencumbered by metal wires and brackets for a discreet solution to crooked, crowded or gappy teeth.

Avoid The ‘Train Track’ LookBrighter smiles and better dental health

Crooked teeth pose more than just an aesthetic problem. They are harder to keep clean, which means there is a greater chance of bacterial build-up, infection and gum disease. All of these unsightly and uncomfortable consequences can be prevented with Invisalign in Essex.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign braces, also called clear aligners, are moulds, made from clear acrylic, that are specially designed to fit your teeth. Their almost invisible appearance makes them perfect for those who want to straighten their teeth but don’t want the awkwardness that comes with sporting fixed metal braces. Being removable means Invisalign clear aligners give you the flexibility to get on with your lifestyle as usual. When you want to eat, floss or brush, simply remove your aligners so you can enjoy your meals and easily maintain good dental hygiene.

During the course of your treatment you will be provided with a series of clear aligners; each aligner is worn for two weeks before being replaced by the next aligner. This allows your teeth to gently shift into their final positions. At Simply Teeth in Essex, Invisalign treatments are handled by our experienced dentists who will track your progress to ensure all is well.

Conclusion To Avoid The ‘Train Track’ Look

At our practice in Essex, Invisalign is offered as part of a professional, friendly service with high quality care at its heart. Cosmetic dentistry with Simply Teeth is tailored to meet your personal needs and is carried out in a safe, responsible manner using the latest advances in dentistry. Get in touch today and look forward to brighter smiles.