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Experts recommend that you have a dental consultation check-up every 6 months at least. Make sure your teeth and gums remain healthy by booking your consultaton checks now.

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Book an appointment with Simply Teeth Essex using SetMore

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Why book now?

  • identify any issues early so they can be treated now before becoming serious
  • reduce overall cost of treatment by diagnosing and treating early

What’s included?

  • Checks for a wide range of issues and problems that you might have
  • Checks of your teeth, gums and soft tissues in your mouth
  • X-rays, cancer screening and cosmetic checks
  • Full assessment of your teeth and gums

Have a question before booking?

Where will the consultation take place?
Your consultation will take place at our practice at 438 Green Lane, Seven Kings, Ilford, IG39LD. Please confirm that this location is fine for you to travel to for your consultation before booking.
How much is the consultation session?

The cost is £35 for your consultancy session.

Why is there a fee for the consultation?

We have very high standards at our clinics with a real emphasis on professionalism – they run on time and we are lucky enough to be very busy at all times. The consultation fee is to cover any cost for customers who don’t turn up and is in place to make things fairer for everyone, by ensuring that everyone who books turns up. This means zero wasted time and resources for us so we are able to provide a better all-round service to all our customers.

How long does it last?

The consultancy session lasts for 20 minutes.

What's included in the consultation session?

During the session we check for a wide range of issues and problems that you might have, and the session includes checks of your teeth, gums and soft tissues in your mouth, and also includes x-rays, cancer screening and cosmetic checks.

How do I benefit from the consultation session?

You will be getting a full assessment of your teeth and gums and we also check you for things like oral cancer – this is very worthwile having – as often picking up things early means things can be dealt with before pain starts or before certain conditions have become potentially very serious. As an added benefit, it can sometimes mean that in the longer-term the overall cost of your treatment is reduced as if things are caught and diagnosed early then the total treatment required for the condition can often be significantly reduced.

How do you take the online payment?
We use software called Setmore to manage the online payment, whereby it takes you to a secure payment page where we take the consultation fee payment. This is a highly trustworthy and established payment gateway system so you can be sure your payment is managed properly. 
How do i know that you're a good practice to have my consultation and subsequent treatment at?
We have been family-owned for 40 years, and our practice is still run by the same family with many happy and satisfied regular existing customers. Please have a look at our reviews and testimonials if you need to see some more evidence of our high standards and strong emphasis upon customer service and satisfaction. 
How often should I have a consultation like this?
Ideally you should have this kind of consultation every time you experience any pain, discomfort or any other signs of a significant problem  – or a minimum should be at least once a year to pro-actively pre-empt any problems or issues before they occur.
What are the risks if I don't get these kinds of checks regularly?
Problems with your teeth, gums or general mouth health and hygiene could go unnoticed, as often teeth problems don’t hurt until they are at the last point – at which point sometimes teeth are not saveable and gum problems can become severe.

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