Sometimes it can be hard to relate a seemingly harmless habit such as thumb sucking with long term problems with your teeth. Many parents allow their child to continue sucking their thumbs once their teeth start to grow.

Just because it helps their child to get to sleep. And as you know, it can be a difficult habit to break.

Unfortunately, because your bones are soft and flexible as a child, the long-term action of sucking on your thumb or a dummy can have long-term consequences. It can cause your lower jaw to tilt inwards and your upper teeth to start to protrude as you grow.


Braces For Adults In Essex

braces for adults in EssexBecause we are unable to turn back time, we have to live with the unexpected results of these habits.

The good news is that you do not have to live with buck teeth or a misaligned bite any longer. Many adults are now beginning to realise that braces can give them a smile to be proud of.

Here at Simply Teeth in Essex, braces are becoming popular with more of our adult patients. Now they recognise the benefits to their appearance, confidence and oral health.


Braces: A Well Proven Solution

Braces can be used in many different ways; to close gaps between teeth, straighten crooked teeth and realign your bite. There are now two basic types of brace, fixed and removable.

Further, there are a wide range of brands within these groups. You may find that your particular orthodontic needs will influence the type of brace that your dentist will offer you.

Although we regard braces as a mainly aesthetic treatment, they play an important role in dental care. Crooked, crowded teeth and an uneven bite can lead to a range of problems.

These include uneven wear and tear on individual teeth, malocclusion where your teeth don’t mesh correctly. This can lead to difficulties with biting and chewing food properly. In addition, you can also develop conditions such as headaches and jaw joint problems.


Turn the Dream of Straighter Teeth into Reality

Wearing braces has become so much easier, they are discreet and allow you to enjoy the long-term benefits for many years to come. If you would like to find out more about how you could benefit from having braces in Essex, come and talk to us here at Simply Teeth.

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