When you decide to improve the way you look, in particular what you look like when you smile, you may have decided the only way to achieve this goal is to get braces treatment from your orthodontist. It’s not just you that thinks this, but celebrities have braces treatment on their mind too.

A celebrity may sing or act well, which of course is important, but an award winning smile attracts fans and gives a boost to a celeb’s confidence, but what celebrities wear braces? Once braces treatment is complete, celebrities too want to keep that award winning smile for the rest of their lives.

If you would like proof of a celebrity wore braces then take a look at Tom Cruise’s smile in “Rain Man”, Jerry Maguire in “The Firm”. Compare the smile you see before he had braces treatment in “Tropic Thunder” or “Valkyrie”.

There is no escaping the fact that a mouth full of white, gleaming, straight teeth can really influence just how well a celeb can perform an act. The better you think your smile is, the better you will perform. Braces are used as a treatment amongst celebs and non-celebs alike, as they do the same thing.


What Teenage Celebrities Wear Braces?

The teenage years are the commonest time for getting braces treatment and that includes teenage celebs.

Emma Watson, who became famous for the part she played as Hermione Granger in the films of Harry Potter, was a braces wearer when she was fifteen years old.

Dakota Fanning, who started her film career at 7 years old, was a recipient of braces.

It didn’t take long to figure out that Taylor Swift has worn braces as it only takes looking at old and new photos of the actor and you will see the amount of orthodontic work she has had done.


Adult Celebs and Braces

The singer, Faith Hill, certainly didn’t conceal the fact that she wore braces as she was seen with them in place at the Grammy Awards in 2013.

Allegedly, Gwen Stefani, the rock star, couldn’t get braces treatment when she was young because her parents couldn’t afford it, but that hasn’t stopped her now!

The famous actress, Faye Dunaway, recipient of an Academy Award, didn’t worry about getting braces when she was young. She only took the leap when she was 61 years old!

Other well-known celebs who have been through braces treatment include Oprah Winfrey, Katherine Heigl and Heidi Klum.


What Braces Treatment Does for Celebrities

A gleaming, white straight smile not only boosts a celeb’s confidence, but promotes good oral health too. Their careers are all about attracting attention and there is no better way of doing that than through a nice, healthy looking smile.

Some stars don’t mind at all if their fans see them wearing braces but for those who are a little more self conscious advances in less conscious treatments such as Invisalign and lingual braces which are fitted out of the way behind the teeth cater for all the celebs needs.