There are many ways that the type of food you eat on a daily basis can have an effect on your teeth over time, but what to eat to improve your teeth? Some food literally doesn’t have any nutritional value whatsoever and is not only bad for your overall health but can do some quite serious damage to your teeth.What To Eat To Improve Your Teeth

Sweets, cakes, jam sandwiches and puddings can all damage your teeth

These are sweets like toffees, chocolate and pastilles and of course sweet, sticky donuts, vanilla slices, and cake. There is no question that these types of food may provide much-needed calories, especially to active people, but unfortunately, sugar attaches itself to your teeth too easily and bacteria uses the sugar as a vital food source.

You may think that the bacteria are eliminating the sugar from your teeth, but it doesn’t work quite like that. The problem is that once the bacteria have consumed the sugar they release a mild acid which if not removed can erode the vital enamel on your teeth and cause the development of cavities. This is when your teeth are unknowingly starting to decay and they can get to the point that even fillings can’t fix the problem.

Limit fizzy drinks, cordials, sweetened coffee and tea and fruit juice

Many people like to add sugar to many different types of drinks because they taste better. However, on a daily basis and with the unlikely chance that you will reach for a toothbrush after a drink, habitually consuming sweetened drinks bathes your teeth in damaging sugar which will over time cause early tooth decay.

Be careful with oranges, tangerines and tomatoes

Despite the fact you need these products on a daily basis you do need to consume them with other food as the acidic content won’t help to keep your teeth healthy. It can damage the outer enamel, allowing the inner part of your teeth to become vulnerable to tooth decay. If you mix these products with fruit that needs more cutting, chewing and masticating before swallowing this causes the production of saliva which rinses out the sugar and helps to keep them free of damaging bacteria.

Minimise eating between meals

For the sake of your teeth, you should limit drinking and eat between meals. This is mainly because snack foods, like sweets and crisps, tend to have high amounts of sugar compared to other sorts of food like vegetables, meat, and cheese.

What To Eat To Improve Your Teeth

Calcium-rich foods help to maintain good dental health and these include milk, leafy vegetables, cheese, unsweetened yogurt, calcium enhanced tofu, and almond. Protein-rich food products, such as poultry, meat, fish, eggs, and milk are a good source of phosphorus and play a vital role in helping to maintain good dental health, by providing necessary minerals for tooth enamel. Here is a good resource from the NHS on choosing the right foods to improve your teeth.

Fruit and vegetables make good teeth cleaners

These are high in both fiber and water, which offer a balance that keeps sugars to a minimum and they also help to keep your teeth clean. They stimulate the production of saliva, which helps to wash out harmful food particles and invasive acids off the surface of your teeth protecting your teeth from early tooth decay. Fruit and vegetables also contain vitamin C which helps to heal any mouth sores while vitamin A builds tooth enamel.

Don’t forget good old, plain water

There is nothing better than water for flushing damaging products off your teeth. If you have any more questions about what foods to eat to improve your teeth, contact us today.