Admittedly, denture design has come a long way since the Italians and the Romans. In 7 BC and 5 BC respectively, used to connect human or animal teeth like a bracelet to replace lost teeth. In the 16th century the Japanese painstakingly taking impressions of their mouths. These were made using Beeswax and painstakingly carving dentures out of wood. The first porcelain dentures were created in the 18th century by Alexis Duchâteau. As the years progressed the design and composition improved.

Partial Or Complete Dentures

As people have developed a greater understanding of the negative impact of poor dental hygiene. Denture usage has fallen drastically. Dentures are classified as either partial or complete. Despite dentures being created to feel more like natural teeth they can still be very uncomfortable. Simply because our mouths take time to adjust to having something in it that isn’t food. Dentures can cause an increase in saliva and sore gums where the denture and gum meet.

The First Dental Implants

Losing teeth was such a huge problem to our ancestors that they tried everything to sort out their dental issues. In 600 BC the Mayans even made attempts to implant gemstones and shells into gaps to replace teeth. Occasionally these implants actually fused to the jaw bone. Without a doubt these primitive attempts at implants were probably painful. According to the use of titanium in securing dental implants by accident. In 1952, during an experiment to test how quickly bone heals, an orthopaedic surgeon noticed that implanted titanium fused to the jaw bone.

Lifetime Guarantee

Initially dental implants were used by people who found getting used to having partial dentures. Now, of course, dental implants are now used for cosmetic as well as practical purposes. Dental implants that were fitted in the 1980’s were guaranteed to last up to fifteen years. They are now guaranteed to last a lifetime. Dental implants are much more comfortable now because they are bespoke. As well as being fitted specifically to one person’s mouth and not one size fits all.

Just Like Real Teeth

Dental implants can take longer to fit than dentures but once they are fitted. As long as you adopt an excellent oral hygiene routine it will just be like having your original teeth back. Dentures however can cause the wearer to feel self conscious. Especially when the top denture clicks. Also food can get underneath and feel uncomfortable. If dentures are not cleaned regularly they can begin to smell and may cause gum infections.

Conclusion To Denture Design

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