Have you thought about how dental veneers help to improve your self-confidence?

These days a nice, bright white smile means so much to everyone. It gives you more self confidence and improves your ability to relate to friends and family.  It affects your self esteem while allowing you to handle job interviews and communicate with clients.

There is nothing better than waking up to a new day with a mouth full of well proportioned white teeth. If you are not fortunate enough to be endowed with this self-confidence boosting attribute there are ways your dentist can help you. The commonest cosmetic solution to discoloured, crooked or misaligned teeth is using dental veneers to restore your smile. How dental veneers help to improve your self-confidence is done by improving your appearance overall.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are sometimes called porcelain veneers. They are slim shells that are customized to fit onto the front surface of a tooth to hide any visible imperfections. They can be fitted onto any number of teeth. There are two types of materials available but generally, preference is given to porcelain veneers. They don’t stain but maintain their colour well.

Dental veneers do a good job at

  • fixing discoloured teeth;
  • extending the size of teeth that have become worn;
  • fixing chips in teeth by concealing them;
  • concealing oversized gaps between teeth.

How to get a dental veneer fitted to improve your smile

You know your own smile and how you would like it improved, but your dentist can offer you advice too. So arrange a dental appointment to discuss your smile and how you would like to improve it.

Once you have reached a decision your dentist can start preparing your teeth to receive the veneers. In the first appointment your dentist will by removing a small amount of enamel off the teeth to be treated. This is so the new veneer will not protrude outwards and out of line with adjacent teeth. Your dentist will then make an impression of each tooth that is to receive a veneer. These models are sent on to a dental lab so that the veneers can be custom made. This will take a week or two to complete but in the meantime your dentist will fit temporary veneers.

Fitting your dental veneers

Your dentist at this stage is very careful and will put the dental veneer into place and adjustments will be made so it fits perfectly. This could involve a bit of final shaping and trimming. Once the veneers are ready to fix permanently your dentist will both thoroughly clean and etch the recipient’s teeth. This better prepares the surface for stronger bonding.

There are two processes to ensure a strong bond between the bond and the tooth. Firstly a high-quality bonding cement is placed on the tooth and the veneer is fitted firmly on top of this material. Your dentist will use a special light that will be focused onto the veneer, activating the cement’s chemicals enabling it to harden and bond better. Once all the veneers have been fitted your bite will be checked to make sure your teeth evenly join together when you bite or smile.

Your dentist may ask you to return after two weeks or so in order to make sure the new veneer(s) is fulfilling the function it has been fitted to do and that is to add a nice, straight and white smile.