Apart from making sure that our selfies look good. There are many reasons why you should consider visiting your dentist to discuss tooth whitening. Legislation has made it illegal for anyone who is not a qualified and registered dental practitioner to carry out tooth whitening.

Eight Reasons For Tooth Whitening

If you have been tempted to try tooth whitening but are unsure. Then you should check out these ten great reasons why you should get in touch with your dentist today:-

  1. It spruces up your mouth by removing stains caused by; soft drinks, coffee, smoking wine and other foods.
  2. It is a great incentive to give up smoking because having freshly whitened teeth may deter you from staining them again.
  3. Are you attending a wedding or expecting to have lots of photographs taken? Tooth whitening will make your mouth sparkle and ready to smile for the camera.
  4. If you are searching for a new job? A shiny white smile will give you the confidence and instill confidence in your prospective employer.
  5. If you have stopped smiling because your gnashers are yellow, tooth whitening is the quickest and easiest way to restore an award winning smile.
  6. Did you know that discoloured yellowing teeth are another sign of ageing? If you choose to whiten your teeth you may be able to hold on to your youth a little longer.
  7. You don’t have to have surgery to have tooth whitening treatment.
  8. People who have had tooth whitening treatment tend to look after their teeth better and have a good dental hygiene routine.

Tooth Whitening – Home or Dentist?

If you choose to use tooth whitening products that are over 0.1 % hydrogen peroxide. Then you have to consult your dentist who will check your teeth to see it they can withstand treatment. If you choose to have your tooth whitening professionally done. You can only accept treatment from a qualified GDC registered dental practitioner. If you see tooth whitening being performed in beauty salons, hairdressers it is illegal. The same goes for your brother’s – mate’s – sister’s – friend they are carrying out the treatment illegally.

Conclusion To Eight Reasons For Tooth Whitening

If you decide to have tooth whitening treatment please make an appointment today to discuss your treatment options.

You can find out more about Teeth Whitening by reading our long-form blog post entitled ‘Teeth Whitening – everything you need to know‘. This contains much more detailed advice and guidance about all aspects of the teeth whitening procedure and process.