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We offer interest-free finance available over 12 months

Same-day Appointments

We can usually get you a same-day appointment so you’re seen within hours

Free Cosmetic Consultation

We include a free cosmetic consultation with your emergency treatment

Emergency Dental Care

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Need treatment quick?

No problem. Contact us and we can usually see you within 4 hours.

We understand  that sometimes you can’t afford to wait around to receive treatment, which is why we offer a special emergency fast-track treatment option when you simply must be seen by someone urgently.

In most cases, we can fit you in on the same day if it’s a genuine emergency – contact us now if you need treatment right away and simply can’t afford to wait.

When do you need Emergency Dental Care?

It’s not uncommon to wonder when you should be searching for an emergency dentist in Essex. Maybe you’re not sure if you need urgent treatment or if it can wait for an appointment on another day.

If you are in severe pain, your mouth is bleeding or you have taken a serious hit to the face or mouth, then you should secure an urgent appointment with a member of our experienced team right away. If you have loose teeth, your cheeks are swollen or you have swelling and lumps on your gums, then make an urgent appointment without delay.



Emergency Dentist Near Me - Essex & Ilford

Why choose us for Emergency Dental Care in Essex?

Free Cosmetic Consultation

The priority with your Emergency Dental Care will always be to fix the main issue as quickly as possible, but we also include a free consultation where we identify any other dental issues you have, and explain how we can help with those too.

Free 3D iTero scanning

As part of our emergency dental care, we offer free 3D iTero scans, which is a new breed of technology that is revolutionising dentistry. This creates an incredibly accurate 3D model of your mouth, teeth and gums – to ensure any other issues are identified.

Speedy, Efficient Service

We understand that when you have a dental emergency it can be stressful and you want to get things resolved as quickly as possible – which is why we place an emphasis upon getting you seen and treated within the shortest possible timeframe.

Flexible Payment Plans

With our range of emergency care finance options, you can spread the cost of your treatment over 12 months interest-free – so we’ve made our emergency treatment accessible to anyone and given you less to worry about when you need speedy treatment.

Already convinced?

FREE Consultation

Cosmetic Consultation included with your treatment

FREE 3D Scanning

You’ll get a free scan included as part of your diagnosis and treatment

FREE On-Site Parking

We have convenient and time-saving on-site parking available.

0% APR

Interest-free finance available over 12 months

Get your emergency issue solved quickly and without fuss.

Our aim is to have you seen and treated within the shortest timeframe possible, so any discomfort or pain you are experiencing is kept to an absolute minimum. 

Emergency Dentist in Essex- Woodfields, Stansted, Essex Cm24 8ar, United Kingdom
Emergency Dental Care in Essex

Benefit from innovative 3D scanning technology

We have the technology to enable us to not only effectively diagnose and treat your emergency issue as efficiently as possible – but it will also identify any other issues that you might have that you’ll benefit from knowing about. The advanced iTero technology that we have at our practice enables you to have a quick scan and get a technologically advanced view of your mouth, teeth and gums – often in less than 10 minutes.

Patient reviews

Hear what some of our patients who have had a pressing emergency issue quickly taken care of at our practice have to say about the experience with us.

“After a serious accident I needed treatment urgently and managed to get seen and treated at Simplyteeth within hours”.


“The whole process was brilliant, I got a callback within the hour and had everything sorted out later that day. A great service”.


“I had a nasty cracked tooth playing rugby and was initially really worried about it. But I managed to get emergency treatment within a few hours of the accident and the whole problem was resolved super quick. Can’t thank you guys enough”.

How our Emergency Dental Care Process works

We’ve streamlined our emergency dental care process as much as possible to get you the treatment and care you require in the shortest possible time. Let us take you through the process now so you understand exactly what’s involved.

Submit callback form

Just complete the short form below in a matter of seconds, and we’ll then have the essential info we need to prioritise your emergency treatment as much as we can. We’ll automatically know that your an emergency patient so will contact you back as soon as we possibly can.

Receive callback asap

Then all you have to do is wait for your callback from a member of our team – but with our priority system for emergency treatment, you won’t be waiting long. We typically call you back within 1 hour of submitting the form – it’s that quick and simple! 

Same-day treatment

We aim to then book you in for a same-day appointment so you can have the treatment you require within a matter of hours. And with our on-site parking and emphasis upon the best possible customer service – we’ll make that speedy treatment as painless and hassle-free as possible.

We are Emergency Dental Care experts in Essex

Which is why we write about it. Get invaluable free advice and guidance about emergency dental treatment on our blog.

When do You Need Tooth Extraction?

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FAQ’s about Emergency Dental Care

Have a question about Emergency Dental Care? Chances are you’ll find the answer in our FAQ below, but if you can’t then simply request a callback and we can answer your question for you in person.

Is Emergency Dental Care free?

No, there is a cost associated.

For the cost, you will get any immediate attention that is needed such as pain relief or a temporary filling.

Should additional work be required, this will be charged at the standard rates for whatever treatment is necessary.

Can teeth be removed as part of Emergency Dental Care?


If a tooth needs to come out we will do that at the emergency appointment.

Be aware that some procedures such as tooth removal can be complex and may require more time to remove. We will only do what is absolutely necessary at that time to manage the situation.  This might include removing the tooth, but in some cases it may be pain relief until the extraction (if appropriate) can be booked in at a more convenient time.   For more details, contact our emergency dentists today.

What about Wisdom Teeth?

Yes, they can be removed also as part of emergency dental care.

However, it is quite rare for a wisdom tooth to have to be extracted under emergency circumstances.

In almost all instances, the extraction can be delayed until a more convenient time is found, during normal dental office hours.

Fully erupted third molars are much easier to remove, than those that have partially erupted or are impacted.

Partial eruption or impacted molars need a little extra attention and can take up to an hour to remove, in some instances needing the skills of a specialist oral-maxilofacial surgeon, who is unlikely to be on call for an out of hours procedure like this.

Request a callback about Emergency Dental Care

Simply complete the short form below, and a member of our super-friendly team will call you back within 3 hours.

Prefer to call or email us now?

020 8590 0575

Prefer to call or email us now?

020 8590 0575

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Our Location

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you need dental treatment without delay. Unbearable toothache, a tooth that has been damaged or a tooth infection will need immediate and emergency dental care. Looking for an emergency dentist near you? Simply Teeth Essex offer emergency appointments in Essex, ensuring that you receive the quality dental care you need.

Why Simply Teeth for Emergency Dental Care in Essex?

Asking what sets us apart when looking for an emergency dental care in Essex? We will provide you with:

  • The latest state of the art dental technology
  • Years of experience
  • Proven treatments to ensure good oral health
  • Provide a pain free as possible treatment
  • Offer effective services using the latest dentistry technology
  • Team of caring and passionate dentists, all with the best credentials
  • Provide outstanding patient services and care
  • Cost effective treatments and choice of financial plans
  • Choice of quality services to help you smile with confidence

Get Your Dental Emergency Handled Quickly Without Fuss

We have recently updated our Green Lane, Seven Kings, Essex practice to ensure we have access to state of the art equipment to offer our patients the best quality dental care in Essex. We have a modern, comfortable and relaxed practice with a team who understand that you may be nervous when arriving for an emergency treatment.

We have worked very hard to create an environment where our patients feel calm and relaxed. Make use of our garden to unwind and relax before your treatment. Looking for an emergency dentist near you? Don’t delay, contact the team at Simply Teeth Essex today.

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