What to consider when you get braces can be overwhelming. When you decide to get braces in Essex, and you are an adult, you are probably looking for a braces system that will straighten your teeth as quickly as possible. After all, no one wants to spend any longer than is absolutely necessary wearing braces.

At Simply Teeth in Essex, braces systems can straighten your teeth surprisingly quickly, provided your case is only concerned with misalignments and not with issues with your bite, i.e. one jaw not fitting well against the other.

What to consider when you get braces

what to consider when you get bracesWe have carefully chosen the braces systems that we offer to provide our patients with the optimum treatments that will fulfil their criteria. These should focus on value-for-money, speed and efficiency, comfort and discretion.

One system that we have chosen that fulfils all of these criteria is a system called Six Month Smiles.

Speed and efficiency

The main feature of Six Month Smiles is inherent in its name. This system takes between 4 and 9 months, with an average of 6 months, to straighten your teeth. This is much quicker than traditional systems that can take between 1 and 3 years to do the job.

The reason this system of braces in Essex is so fast is that it is designed only to work on the front 6 ‘social’ teeth. These are the ones that are mostly visible when you are talking and eating. It uses tried and tested alignment mechanics to do its work, but with a twist.

Comfort and discretion

Six Month Smiles are like a much finer version of traditional bracket and wire braces systems. The brackets are much smaller and are made of clear ceramic. The wires are tooth-coloured. This means that the braces blend in with your teeth rather than dominate them. Looking more like a piece of jewellery for your pearly whites than an instrument of torture.

As Six Month Smiles aims only to straighten misaligned teeth rather than correct the bite, it requires much gentler forces to do its work. Which means less pain for you and the more petite teeth fixtures are gentler on the mouth too.

Value for money

This system is quicker, so you need fewer, shorter appointments, which saves you money.