The way you looks say so much about you.How you choose to dress, how you wear your hair, all those personal touches that make you you.

Oral Health Foundation Survey Results

There is one standout feature of a person that can really set them aside from the rest. The feature that makes some celebrities so noticeable. Voted the most attractive feature by both males and females in a recent Oral Health Foundation survey results: your smile.

Oral Health Foundation Survey Results

Is your smile everything you would like it to be? Some people have problems with discolouration of the teeth. Others with missing teeth, and a lot of people have misaligned or protruding teeth that they wish were straighter. Here at Simply Teeth in Essex, Invisalign is a modern procedure that could straighten your teeth once and for all.

In Essex, Invisalign is a procedure that is growing rapidly in popularity because it has three features. Three features that traditional braces simply do not have. Opening up a new world of patients who would never normally consider teeth straightening treatment.

They’re invisible

The clue is in the name. One of the most prominent features of Invisalign braces is the fact that they are completely clear. There are no visible metal wires or brackets, simply a snugly fitting clear plastic brace that is closely attached to your teeth. Another person would be hard pressed to guess that you are wearing braces.

They’re convenient

Another breakthrough feature of Invisalign is the fact that they are removable, meaning you can take them out whenever you like. This makes activities such as brushing or flossing thoroughly and eating your favourite foods much easier, as the brace does not have to interfere with your oral health or lifestyle at all.

They’re affordable

Dental treatments can be expensive, and few people want to risk their health with a cheaper option. However, we are aware that not everybody is able to afford this treatment in one go, so we offer a wide range of finance plans, so that you can spread your payments over several months.

Oral Health Foundation Survey Results Conclusion

So we have found that Invisalign braces allow you to keep living your life with the freedom, finances and convenience that you are used to. Why not take the next steps into investigating Invisalign in Essex and contact Simply Teeth today.