Our teeth are intrinsic to our appearance and wellbeing. A healthy mouth means that we can eat and speak properly and smile with confidence. So many people do not think about their teeth until something goes wrong but regular, effective care is the way to ensure that your mouth is an asset, not a cause of worry. At Simply Teeth we carry out a range of services including preventive dentistry, emergency care and cosmetic dentistry. Early detection is key to ensuring that issues are dealt with before they become severe. Patients who choose us as their dentist in Ilford know that they are in safe hands whatever their needs.

How To Care For Your Teeth

Good oral health starts in childhood with regular dental hygiene consultations and early tooth decay detection. As a trusted Ilford dentist, we will also teach you how to care for your teeth and gums properly. Some children also require treatment to straighten their teeth and this is best carried out when they have a mixture of baby and permanent teeth. If you are an adult who missed out on such procedures as a child, there are several options available to realign your teeth, some of which are faster or less obtrusive than traditional methods. For enhancing your smile, cosmetic dental procedures including veneers, whitening and crowns can improve your appearance. We also offer anti-wrinkle treatments so you can benefit from a completely new look.

If the worst happens

Even missing teeth are no longer a long-term problem due to treatments such as dentures and dental implants. If you need help in a hurry, due to damage or dental pain, we will be on hand for root canal therapy, extractions and other emergency procedures. Some people still dread seeing the dentist but more sympathetic approaches combined with options such as conscious sedation can put even the most nervous patients at ease. Patients who rely on us as their Ilford dentist know that we put their needs first.

Conclusion To How To Care For Your Teeth

Join the hundreds of people who we care for as a respected dentist in Ilford. Investing in your oral health means that you can enjoy wellbeing and a great appearance in the long-term.