If your chipped, broken, stained, cracked or misaligned teeth are making you miserable, why not consider giving yourself the ultimate present of wrapping them up in veneers for an instant makeover? Here are more reasons as to why you should get veneers!

We say ultimate present, because porcelain veneers in Essex can change people’s lives by boosting their confidence and happiness levels.

Why You Should Get VeneersIf you can smile with confidence, you will find yourself smiling much more often. The act of smiling releases natural feel-good chemicals and also makes people more attractive. When you feel happy and attractive, it’s much easier to make new friends, discover better career prospects, and generally smooth the cogs of daily life as you go about your business.

At Simply Teeth, we can help this happen for you by fitting your teeth with veneers.

Why You Should Get Veneers

First of all, they are either made of porcelain, or a material known as composite.

At Simply Teeth, we usually use porcelain veneers. These are custom-made to blend in with the size, shape and colour of your own teeth. You will need to come to us twice for us to fit you with veneers in Essex. During your first appointment, we take impressions of your teeth and send these off to the lab where your veneers will be made.

This takes a couple of weeks and then you come back to us to have them fitted. Your teeth are prepared by having the top-most layer of the tooth enamel removed. This creates the necessary rough surface for the fixative to adhere to.

Simply Teeth Essex

At Simply Teeth, veneers are fitted under local anaesthetic, and nervous patients also receive sedation. Once the veneers have been fitted, if you take care of them, they can last for more than 10 years.

Composite veneers work differently in that they are moulded onto your teeth by your dentist. The composite material is often a resin called Panavia, which is similar to that used in white fillings.

This is shaped by the dentist and then hardened with a UV light, before being shaped some more. It can also be polished so that it reflects the light like natural teeth do.

So, there you go! The lowdown on why you should get veneers and treat yourself to a beautiful new smile.