Smile and the world smiles with you or so the saying goes. There is some truth to be found in this age-old saying,as a smile can uplift even the gloomiest day. How does smile design boost your confidence? Smile design gives you the chance to perfect your smile. So you can wear it with confidence and enjoy the smiles you’ll get in return.

How Does Smile Design Boost Your ConfidenceHow Does Smile Design Boost Your Confidence?

Advances in dental materials, techniques and technology mean that there are far more options available to address your cosmetic dental concerns than ever before.

Are your teeth chipped, stained, or slightly misaligned? Natural coloured porcelain veneers can give you back that natural sheen to your teeth. As well as address any size, shape, and colour issues.

If crooked, gappy, or crowded teeth are a problem, then innovative braces technology can straighten them out in less time. And with less discomfort than traditional metal braces. We offer both Six Month Smiles with tooth-coloured wires and braces. Also, we offer Invisalign clear aligners that are almost invisible. Both technologies will gradually nudge your teeth into place without you having to endure the ‘train track’ look.

We also offer dental implants to provide a long-term solution to missing teeth. One that avoids the discomfort and worry of dentures slipping out of place. Not only will you be able to smile with confidence, you will also be able to eat and chew whatever foods you fancy, worry-free.

With so many advances in dentistry at our disposal at Simply Teeth, smile design in Essex truly is a modern, effective way to boost your confidence in both your personal and professional interactions. Using the latest in computer-aided smile design,we can even show you how your treatment is expected to look on completion before you begin.

How Does Smile Design Boost Your Confidence Conclusion

We combine cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry with a personalised, friendly service. See how smile design in Essex has benefited our patients by visiting our website or Facebook page. We are happy to hear from you and answer any and all of your questions. So get in touch today. Smile design in Essex can simply change your life.