A brighter, whiter smile comes top of many people’s cosmetic dentistry wish list. Simply Teeth dental clinic in Essex offers a number of aesthetic dental treatments that can brighten up your smile – often requiring just a few short appointments.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Works

How Cosmetic Dentistry Works

When you come into our Essex dental practice for a cosmetic dentistry consultation. The first thing your dentist will do is to establish the cause of your tooth discolouration. Some 64% of the adult population of the UK dislike the current shade of their teeth. There are numerous reasons behind this.

The most common cause of stained teeth is dental plaque. Shockingly, 66% of adults have visible plaque, which isn’t just bad news for the look of your smile, but for your dental and general health, too.

Plaque causes gum disease and tooth decay, both of which can lead to tooth loss. If this is found to be the reason behind your tooth discolouration, you will be referred to a hygienist at our Essex clinic. The hygienist will remove all traces of plaque and help you to look after your teeth better in future.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry, and can be used to combat common tooth stains such as those caused by tea, coffee, or nicotine. Simply Teeth in Essex offers both home and in-clinic teeth whitening. Whichever option you choose, you must remember that only a dentist should carry out whitening treatment.

For cases of permanent staining of the front teeth, porcelain veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry choice at our Essex practice. These hand-crafted, micro-thin shells of medical grade porcelain are bonded over the front surfaces of your teeth by your dentist to improve their appearance. Veneers usually require at least two appointments at Simply Teeth Essex, and should last for several years.

Obvious metal amalgam fillings can cause problems when they are visible in your smile line. Cosmetic dentistry offers a reliable solution in the form of tooth-coloured fillings. At our Essex dental centre we offer both composite fillings and glass ionomer fillings.

Conclusion To How Cosmetic Dentistry Works

Whichever option you need, your dentist will match your filling to your tooth colour. Contact us today to find out more!