Cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular amongst both men and women in the UK. This is fuelled at least in part by celebrities having treatment. At Simplyteeth dental practice in Essex, our cosmetic work is carried out by Dr Sihra. He is a highly-experienced cosmetic dentist who can create the ideal smile makeover whatever your requirements.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Transform Body Image

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Transform Body ImageThere are numerous procedures covered by the umbrella term “cosmetic dentistry”. From a quick and simple smile booster using teeth whitening. To improving the alignment of your teeth with discreet orthodontic appliances such as Six Month Smiles or Invisalign.

No matter what treatment you need, your Essex cosmetic dentist will create a fully customised treatment plan. Then your dentist will go about detailing the order and length of all procedures required from our extensive cosmetic dentistry menu.

The rise in demand of cosmetic dentistry

More and more people are starting to realise the benefits of a truly beautiful smile, and are turning to cosmetic dentistry for help. Some 48% of the UK population are unhappy with the appearance of their current smile. So, if this applies to you, a booking with a cosmetic dentist at Simplyteeth in Essex can help.

When you come into our Essex dental practice, your dentist will find out what you dislike about your current smile. They will undertake a thorough clinical examination before recommending the best ways to improve your smile’s appearance.

This may mean one treatment, or a combination of two or more from the extensive cosmetic dentistry menu at our Essex clinic.

Popular cosmetic dentistry treatments include:

Teeth whitening

Delivered by a cosmetic dentist, this is a safe and effective way to remove common stains from the teeth in a very short time frame.

Teeth straightening

Cosmetic braces such as Six Month Smiles can improve the alignment of your front teeth in as little as half a year.

Cosmetic bridges

If you have a missing tooth or two, a cosmetic dental bridge can provide an attractive and realistic-looking replacement.

Porcelain veneers

Thin porcelain shells bonded over the front surfaces of the teeth. Therefore veneers can be used to quickly create a smile makeover.

Conclusion To How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Transform Body Image

Now you know all about cosmetic dentistry and how it can transform body image and boost confidence. So, why not find out more and book in for a consultation today!