If you have started to watch, ‘The Truth About Teeth’, on BBC 1. Then you will have seen examples of how neglecting your teeth can cause pain and a lowering of your self esteem. Decayed and damaged teeth not only make you feel sad. But they also directly affect your health and ultimately your smile. Adopting a good oral hygiene routine is very important. It should include brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes and visiting your dentist regularly. This will ensure that your smile remains intact.

How To Maintain Your Smile

The main causes of tooth decay are sugary and acidic foods. They destroy the enamel exposing the softer dentine underneath. If left unattended the affected tooth will literally rot away causing infection to weaken the bones under the gum. Once your gums become infected they will start to recede. And unfotunately, exposing more of the tooth. The combination of receding gums and depleted jaw bone eventually results in teeth becoming loose and eventually falling out.

Badly infected teeth can be treated with a procedure called a root canal. This involves removing the infection from the central part of the tooth and sealing it up so that it cannot become reinfected. Dr Sihra specialises in root canals. He often has patients referred to him from other dentists who are less confident at successfully treating them. In 99% of cases Dr Sihra is able to save the tooth – which is very much the preferred option.

If you have receding gums you may benefit from having a procedure called The Pinhole Technique. The Pinhole Technique involves repositioning the gum so that it covers more of the tooth. Repairing the gum in this way benefits you aesthetically and also prevents the teeth from getting loose.

Dental implants are a very practical alternative to dentures. They remain in the mouth rather than having to be taken out like regular dentures. After you have had your dental implants fitted you have to make sure that you adopt a good oral routine. As the outcomes can become infected and eventually cause the implants to fall out.

Whatever issues you have with your teeth please don’t let a fear of the dentist prevent you from getting the treatment you need. Dentistry has moved on considerably since the middle ages. And dentists really want to save your teeth rather than remove them.

Where teeth are concerned it really is a case of, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. Untreated teeth can go from needing a simple procedure to it causing pain and discomfort much quicker than you think.

Ending Tips On How To Maintain Your Smile

Obviously prevention is better than cure. Bt if you have found yourself in a position where your teeth are starting to cause you serious problems it is vitally important that you make an appointment with your dentist.