Radiesse helps to bring life into tired skin by replacing the collagen. Fillers like Radiesse are an effective way to smooth wrinkles, making you look and feel younger.

How To Look Radiant With Radiesse And A Healthy Lifestyle

However beauty isn’t only skin deep as looking good comes from your approach to life and how well you look after yourself. Here are some great lifestyle tips that will make you glow from the inside out.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Any type of exercise is better than sitting still. Our sedentary lifestyles are killing us slowly. Exercise is not only good for our hearts it tones our bodies and releases endorphins. Chemicals released during exercise naturally makes feel good. Exercising with friends makes it even more fun. So let out the inner diva and make some shapes on the dance floor or your sitting room.

You Are What You Eat

All of our favourite foods seem to be more harmful to us than foods that are truly healthy. Adopting a balanced diet and avoiding highly processed foods is a good start to getting your eating habits into the realms of healthy. Monitoring portion sizes also means that you won’t accidently put on weight while eating a healthy diet. Cooking food yourself means that you can avoid artificial flavourings and preservatives. Different types of food provide different health benefits due to their vitamin and mineral content.

A Little Of What You Fancy Won’t Harm You

If we are truly honest, denying ourselves treats like wine and chocolate will result in us craving them all of the time. There is so much conflicting advice about whether our favourite treats are good for us or not that it leaves us completely confused. As long as treats are just that then there is absolutely no harm in having that extra piece of cake or takeaway. In fact denying ourselves can make us feel pretty miserable.

Be Sociable

Humans are not meant to be alone all of the time, we are sociable animals that need to company of others to maintain our well being. Whether you choose to spend time with friends or join clubs and societies being with like minded people is so very good for your health. Even saying hello when walking your dog can cheer both you and the other person up. Spend your time with positive people and enjoy yourself.

Put Yourself First

We don’t mean be totally selfish but place importance on your own health and wellbeing. Too often we end up exhausted because we put others needs before our own. This is particularly true if we have demanding partners or children. Supporting someone who is ill can also take its toll. The result of putting ourselves last means that we neglect the things that make us feel well and happy. It is therefore important that we do activities and prepare our homes so that we can relax and rejuvenate ourselves.

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