It’s reasonable to assume that today’s culture wants to have a perfect smile, especially considering the fact that cosmetic dental treatments are becoming increasingly popular among people all over the world. Without a doubt, the most popular cosmetic treatment accessible today is teeth whitening. This is because it is perceived as a quick, easy and affordable way to attain that healthy, sparkling smile everyone seeks.

Why do our teeth lose their whiteness over time?

Your teeth will lose their brightness and whiteness as you age because wear and tear will thin the outer layer of enamel, and food and drink will start to discolour them. However, if your teeth have lost their white lustre, there are several techniques to whiten them without harming them, such as enlighten tooth whitening.

The difference between other teeth whitening treatments and Enlighten Evolution Whitening, can be found in the outcome, which promises the exact required shade and long-lasting whitening results for every individual.

How does Enlighten tooth whitening work?

Evolutionary Enlightenment Whitening is a combined procedure, which includes a two-week at-home regimen followed by an hour at the dentist. It works by increasing the permeability of the tooth to oxygen, which will break down stain molecules.

First, you make an appointment with an Enlighten-accredited dentist for teeth whitening. During the visit, your Enlighten dentist will make a personalised mould that fits perfectly over your teeth. You will be advised to place the Enlighten whitening trays in your mouth for the next 2 weeks while you sleep, before returning to the dentist for the last treatment, which will be under half an hour long.

The active substance of Enlighten then penetrates the dental enamel, where a chemically oxidizing process will begin to eliminate stains. Because the procedure can be time-consuming, you must follow your dentist’s instructions. Your Enlighten teeth whitening results will last a lifetime once you have done the procedure, and you will be given instructions by your dentist on how to maintain a regular top-up schedule.

Teeth whitening is one of those areas of dentistry where most people have a viable answer – so chances are a suitable treatment may be found for you and you can attain the whiter smile that you want without any major issues.

Where can I find Enlighten tooth whitening treatment?

A professionally qualified specialist will be able to advise you on some general principles and standards for teeth whitening. Following a thorough examination, our dentists at Simply Teeth Essex will examine your oral health and propose the best whitening procedure for you.

There is so much important information you should know about the treatment methods used to whiten your teeth without damaging them, and you can learn more about that and Enlighten Tooth Whitening, by reading our regular blog entries under the title Teeth Whitening.

If you are thinking that Enlighten is an appropriate teeth whitening solution for you, Simply Teeth Essex can help. Our treatment includes a 40-minute pre-whitening hygiene treatment, and after the initial evaluation session, our dentists will walk you through the necessary steps to begin your treatment. Get in contact with us right away to begin your teeth whitening journey.