With dental implants in Essex, you must understand that implants are a substitute for your natural teeth, not a direct replacement and they cannot replicate them exactly. Your teeth are precious and given to you once in your life and you can never have another set like them.

I Want A More Beautiful Smile

I Want A More Beautiful Smile

It is fair to say that dental implants in Essex will replicate and resemble natural teeth as much as possible. There are constraints that your mouth, anatomy, available bone, personal time and costs will place on your replacement teeth. Sometimes, it is not possible to give you a set of artificial teeth to perfectly match the natural teeth that you used to have. However, it is it possible to have a set of implanted teeth that function well. As well as implants that look and feel good.

Do dental implants hurt?

Dental implants in Essex, can be done painlessly and without anxiety. You should allow for some post-operative discomfort. But this can be successfully controlled with simple over-the-counter medication.

All necessary aftercare advice and instructions will be given to you before and after any procedures here at Simply Teeth in Essex. It is usually recommended to allow some change to your daily routine. Perhaps to consider some time off work and an opportunity to rest. Everybody is different in their response to dental implant surgery. Your post-operative care will be tailored to your personal needs by our experienced dentists.

Do they take a long time?

To see if dental implants in Essex are for you, an assessment appointment is required. This is when x-rays will be taken and you will get the chance to ask any questions you have about the procedure. The implant placement procedure is completed under local anesthetic. After a period of healing the implant is left in place under the gum. This is for around three to six months, to allow it to fuse to the bone. The next stage involves uncovering the top of the implant. Then taking a mould of your teeth, so that the new crown or bridge work can be made. This is usually fitted around two weeks later. Your dentist will then advise you on how to take care of your implants so that they will last many years.

Conclusion to I Want A More Beautiful Smile

Now you know what dental implants involve and how long they take. The next step is to book in for a consultation at Simply Teeth to find out more!