Here at Simply Teeth in Essex, braces come in various systems. We offer this variety because we know that our patients have different dental and lifestyle needs. One of the systems we offer at our 3 practices in Ilford, Stansted and Stanford-le-Hope is Fastbraces. This post is all about why you need fastbraces!

Fastbraces are perfect for you if time is of the essence. Maybe you have an important event coming up in the next few months and you need braces. In Essex, looking your best is of increasing importance and at Simply Teeth, we are here to help you achieve the best smile you can.


why you need fastbraces!What You Need to Know About Fastbraces

Fastbraces is an American system of braces in Essex, renowned for the speed with which they can straighten teeth, even in as little as 120 days, or 4 months.

Unlike other adult braces systems, which are aimed at straightening the front 6 ‘social teeth’, the main aim of Fastbraces is to deal with more complicated bite issues. These include:

  • High canines – this is a common problem of canine teeth growing over the top of other teeth when there’s not enough room in the arch for them
  • Crowding – when teeth overlap because there is not enough room in the arch for them
  • Open bite – when the front teeth on upper and lower jaws do not make contact
  • Over bite – when the front upper teeth protrude over the lower front teeth
  • Spacing – gaps between the teeth due to size or extractions
  • Crossbite – the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth

If left untreated, over the years all of these issues can lead to problems. Plaque and food can be harder to remove with brushing, which can lead to decay, infection and tooth loss.

There is also a greater chance of gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss. Bite problems often cause jaw problems, which in turn lead to pain and headaches.

If you are an adult suffering with one or more of these alignment issues and would like to get them fixed but don’t want to have to wear braces for an extended period of time, then this system of braces in Essex might be perfect for you. Why not pop in and find out?