Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces are an increasingly popular method of straightening teeth. At Simply Teeth in Essex we welcome new patients for orthodontic consultations.

Introducing Six Month Smiles

Introducing Six Month Smiles

It is worth bearing in mind that whilst Six Month Smiles are considered “cosmetic” braces. The benefits of tooth straightening are always more than aesthetic. To put it in simple terms, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean. They have fewer gaps for food particles to get trapped and dental plaque to build up.

So long as you attend regular appointments with both your dentist and hygienist at our Essex clinic. Using Six Month Smiles can reduce your risk of common complaints including gum disease, dental decay, and bad breath.

Essex Six Month Smiles

When you come into Simply Teeth in Essex for a Six Month Smiles consultation, your dentist will perform a thorough clinical assessment to check that this is the most appropriate teeth straightening option for you.

This will include taking photographs and impressions of your teeth. These, along with any required measurements, will be sent to the Six Month Smiles laboratory in the USA for your braces to be made up. When they are ready, you will be called back to our Essex dental practice to have them fitted.

There are two key differences between Six Month Smiles and standard orthodontic appliances. The first is that they are not made from obvious metal, but from clear ceramic and tooth-coloured nickel titanium. This means that they will blend in well with the natural colour of your teeth, so they won’t be immediately obvious in day-to-day life.

The second key difference is the length of treatment. Because Six Month Smiles are cosmetic braces which focus on the front teeth, treatment takes far less time to complete than with standard braces. As the name suggests, six months is the average duration of treatment. Some patients at our Essex dental practice complete treatment in as little as four months, whilst the vast majority of cases will be complete within a nine-month timeframe.

End To Introducing Six Month Smiles

For a limited time, we are offering free retainers at the end of treatment at our Essex clinic.