At Simply Teeth, Essex, clear braces and invisible braces are two systems that we offer for discreet straightening of your teeth. They are called Invisalign and Six Month Smiles. We think you should have the ability to choose from a range of different options. Whilst one or another might be better suited to you and your needs. It may be that you have the option to choose between two or more treatments, so it is worth exploring the difference between them.

Similarities And Differences Between Invisalign And Six Month Smiles

Similarities And Differences Between Invisalign And Six Month Smiles

Your dental practitioner is the best source of information because they can combine their expertise, information about you and the nuances of a treatment to give you tailored advice. Generally speaking though, here are the differences between two of our options.

Fixed or removable?

We offer a range of invisible or clear braces in Essex at our clinic.

Invisalign are clear, removable aligners that are shaped to fit your teeth whilst gradually adjusting them into a new positions. You need to wear them for 22+ hours a day, but can remove them to eat.

Six Month Smiles are fixed to your teeth like traditional braces. They will remain there for the duration of your treatment. Although they will be adjusted at regular intervals by your dentist when you visit.

The Invisalign system also requires you to have regular visits to the dentist but these are likely to be quite quick visits.

Effect and comfort

The general effect is the same in that either system will move the teeth. This can create some discomfort in either case. After you change an aligner at home or the dentist makes adjustments to your fixed braces. This sensation soon fades though as the process happens and your dentist can give you advice on managing your experience if you need it.

Invisalign are smooth on the outside so they can be more comfortable against the inside of your cheek than brackets and wires.


As with all dental treatments, it all depends on what you are having done. However, Six Month Smiles often take less time than Invisalign to get to the desired result. Therefore they invariably end up being the cheaper option.

Conclusion To Similarities And Differences Between Invisalign And Six Month Smiles 

At Simply Teeth, we want to give you all the information you need to choose invisible or clear braces in Essex. Make an appointment as soon as possible to start choosing a better smile.