When going through Invisalign treatment it is important to know that teeth are unpredictable in nature.

Treatment can sometimes go exactly as planned and your teeth will move as intended but this is not a guarantee. It is why anybody going through Invisalign treatment needs to be aware of Invisalign refinements.

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What Are Invisalign Refinements?

Invisalign refinements are small alterations your dentist will need to make to your aligners during treatment. Changes can be required in cases where the intended gap closing or tooth straightening isn’t being achieved. 

This is why progress check-ups are required; your dentist will check your teeth and decide if there are any further changes needed.


Why Do I Need Invisalign Refinements?

Some patients will experience the smoothest of treatments although this is not the case for all. Simply following the plan for many patients is not enough.

Most dentists acknowledge that 80-90% of the Invisalign intended changes will be achieved. To achieve the last 20% refinements will be required in most cases. Refinements will only be required when your teeth aren’t correctly responding to treatment.

As mentioned it is not always required, this is why it is important for you to keep up to date with your appointments.


What Happens When I Get Refinements?

Once your dentist has decided refinements are required they will take fresh moulds of your teeth. From these moulds, a fresh set of aligners will be issued to you. A new treatment plan may be agreed as a result. 

Unfortunately, your dentist may decide treatment needs to be extended. While this may not be great news at the time the results will speak for themselves.

This is why It’s important to attend check-ups; If not attended, you could be delaying the alignment process.


Do Invisalign Refinements Cost Extra?

Many surgeries will charge extra for these refinements resulting in added costs up to £1000 per refinement. These costs are often hidden from the client until the point at which refinements are needed.

Our approach is to be transparent and upfront with all our clients.

If you choose to use our surgery we recommend you choose our full Invisalign treatment. It includes the costings for all your aligners (including refinements).

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Before making a decision make sure to talk to one of our qualified practitioners. They can give recommendations on a personalised care pathway. Alternatively, check out our pricing here.