Have you heard the term ‘clear braces’? Are you wondering how such a thing can be possible and if they are for you? If you want to have your teeth straightened and you care about the look of your teeth during the process as well as after. Then one of our clear braces options could be for you.

Invisalign Explained

At Simply Teeth, we like to have a number of choices available for each treatment. So that we can closely match the result you want whilst taking into account the criteria that are important to you. Let’s look at an overview of one of these systems and why it is known as clear braces. In Essex, at our clinic, you can find out even more information and your practitioner can assess your suitability for each.

Invisalign explained

Invisalign is a system of trays that are slotted over the top of the teeth like a cover that fits very snugly. The first tray is a little bit different to the imprint of your teeth. And the last tray will be the result you are trying to get to. The trays in between progressively move between these two. The places on the inside of the aligner that are different to the current position of your teeth are the places where pressure is created to move the teeth. You change the aligners yourself at home based on advice from your dentist. Usually about every two weeks. Each one will gradually move your teeth closer and closer to your perfect smile.

During this time you will still have regular appointments with your dentist. But they will be quick and just to ensure that you are making the desired progress.

This system is known as clear braces because they straighten the teeth like braces and they are transparent. So, when they are over the top of the teeth, you can see the teeth clearly through them. This makes it appear to someone looking from the outside like you have invisible braces.

Choosing Simply Teeth

At Simply Teeth, we want to make sure you have the right option for you. When you book an appointment to discuss getting clear braces in Essex at our clinic. You are choosing excellent consultations followed by sensitive treatment and diligent aftercare.