Invisalign is rapidly replacing traditional metal braces as a more discreet and less painful way of straightening and improving your smile. As a replacement for traditional methods is Invisalign worth it?

What are Invisalign and how do they work?

Invisalign is the process of straightening and aligning teeth through a clear retainer known as an aligner. Aligners are replaced every two weeks. Each new set of aligners is marginally different the slight changes take you one step closer to your perfect smile. 

The entire process time frame is different for each case, dependant on the severity. Simply Teeth’s treatment plans start from a ‘Six Month Smile’.

How much does Invisalign hurt?

The process of moving teeth can cause some discomfort. 

However, this pain is far less than traditional train track braces. They don’t have sharp metal and wire which rub against your gums. Initially expect some soreness from the pressure that is being applied to your teeth. Some clients have reported discomfort with rubbing but this is not comparable with metal braces.

This pain and discomfort will be short-lived. With every new set of aligners the time they ‘hurt’ for will become shorter. Find out how to further reduce this discomfort by reading our top tips for Invisalign.

Besides discomfort, what other differences are there with traditional braces?

  • Invisalign is removable making eating and cleaning comparably easier. When it is time to brush and floss your teeth just remove the trays, clean your teeth, then pop them back in. A clean and healthy mouth will help to ensure the perfect smile at the end of the process. Remember to brush your teeth after each mealtime.

It is important to know that Aligners should be worn for at least 22 hours a day. Any less than 22 hours could lead to underwhelming results. After a few weeks will become routine, since they are only removed to eat and clean.

  • Invisalign is discreet, although not entirely invisible, a great option for adults and teens who are conscious of their appearance. It takes the embarrassment of metal bracket braces away; while also allowing you to keep an eye on progress.
  • Fewer visits to the dentist. While we love seeing all our patients and keep an eye on their progress. As an Invisalign patient, you will only need to visit the surgery every six weeks. Other dentistry options can require far more appointments.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Invisalign treatment can start from £1500 which is comparable to traditional dental options. Every treatment is judged by your dentist, while these are a baseline cost each case is different and therefore costs differ. 

When searching out Invisalign treatment make sure you find a licensed Invisalign dentist. Check surgery information on the Invisalign website to ensure you are getting the best treatment for your money.

The final result, is Invisalign worth it?

Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional methods. Besides the obvious benefit of the perfect smile, straighter teeth –

  • Are easier to clean
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Prevent pain or discomfort when biting
  • Make chewing easier.

We believe everything discussed answers the question ‘Is Invisalign worth it?’. If you need further convincing feel free to read the testimonies currently live on our website.

Finally, it is important to know that Invisalign is not for everyone, treatment may require a different approach. It may not be possible to get Invisalign. Always book a consultation first to find out what would be the best course of action for your case.