Six month smiles is not longer available at Simply Teeth, we do offer the very popular and successful Invisalign. Click for more info.

If you look around at the people you see every day in Essex, braces have probably played an important role in many of their lives. It may look like more and more people are being born with beautifully natural, white straight teeth. But the truth is most of us have misaligned teeth, even if only slightly so.

The difference these days is that in Essex, braces for adults are increasingly popular, affordable, and discreet. Often you don’t spot people wearing braces, you just have an impression of lovely teeth everywhere you look. Have you ever heard of Six Month Smiles, and wondered, what is Six Month Smiles?

what is six month smiles

What Is Six Month Smiles

At the 3 Simply Teeth dental practices – in Ilford, Stansted and Stanford-le-Hope – we have helped create many of those smiles, using a brilliant and quick braces system called Six Month Smiles. This is of one of the world’s most popular braces treatments. It takes the best elements of traditional braces, but reapplies them using modern materials and techniques.

This discreet braces system is perfect for adults have no serious problems with their bite, but whose front 6 teeth, known as the ‘social teeth’ because they are the ones most on display, need some straightening.

So how does it work?

In Essex, braces from Six Month Smiles straighten the teeth using discreet fixed braces. These achieve results faster than removable aligners. They feature clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured titanium-nickel wires. These blend easily in with your teeth. The brackets are fixed to the teeth at particular angles. Also along with the wires, use standard mechanics to move the teeth. However, Six Month Smiles braces use much gentler forces than traditional braces. This is because they only need to straighten the teeth, rather than alter the bite. Gentler forces also mean less pain and less chance of damage to the tooth roots.

With no need to alter the bite, the treatment takes between 4 and 9 months, rather a year or even longer. Shorter treatments mean fewer visits to us at Simply Teeth and therefore a lower cost for you.

Once your teeth have reached alignment, you will need to wear a removable retainer to anchor them in place. If you keep forgetting to put that retainer in, you can have a bonded retainer fitted, which is hidden from view.