There are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your dental health. But even though we all know dental health is important, recent statistics indicate that we don’t take the health of our teeth seriously. Instead, we allow other physical health matters to take priority.

Why You Shouldn't Neglect Your Dental Health

Dental health has improved very little over the last 20 years in some parts of the country. Unfortunately, children are affected disproportionately when it comes to being compared with adults.  Some children even end up being  admitted to the hospital because of tooth decay.

Almost 50% of adults and 60% of children have never seen the inside of a dentist’s surgery. This is despite the push from the NHS for everyone to attend the dentist regularly. However, education about dental health tends to be neglected, while other health issues take center stage.

Prevention rather than cure

Recently, the NHS has been focusing more on prevention rather than cure in order to keep teeth healthy. However, due to low turnout at dental appointments, people don’t know what action to take in order to prevent a dental problem. But, dentists don’t only focus on oral health these days. Dentists can also pass on related information on the effects of good oral health on good overall health. People who are neglecting their dental health are also missing out on this.

Cutting edge dental technology helps solve dental problems

Brushing and flossing are a way of maintaining a high standard of dental health and have been seen this way for a long time. But there are many other advances in technology which help to reduce the stress at a dental appointment.

Digital technology also helps speed up some dental health processes. Some treatments have now been shortened to ncreasingly one appointment only. The fitting of veneers, crowns and bridges included. Nowadays, dentists use dental equipment typically much less intrusive and far more accurate. This leads to improved outcomes as well as relieving a patient’s stress.

Possible link between periodontal disease and heart disease

Neglecting your dental health is also dangerous due to the rise of gum disease. Several recent studies reveal that the risk of heart disease could increase due to periodontal disease. Scientists found that that the inflammation due to periodontal disease might be responsible. Peridont disease might also aggravate a heart condition.

Patients at risk of infective endocarditis might be asked to take antibiotics before undergoing a dental procedure. A periodontist, along with a cardiologist, can calculate if the condition of a patient’s heart requires antibiotics to be taken before dental treatment takes place.

Your dentist as a health care advisor

Dentists are becoming more involved in judging a patient’s overall health. And now they are also helping by suggesting healthier lifestyle choices. These lifestyle choices can improve the individual’s dental health as well as the status of their overall health in general.

If you didn’t take the health of your teeth seriously before then it’s not too late to start. Appointments are far shorter, and usually pain-free.  Dentists can solve dental problems while also, offering general health advice that you shouldn’t turn your back on any longer. Bring back the smile to your face with little interference to your daily routine, contact your dentist today or book an appointment online.