This post will answer the question what are mini dental implants!

Your teeth have such a profound effect on your smile. No one enjoys the embarrassment of missing teeth, especially in the front of your mouth.  There have always been ways to help restore the unsightly appearance of a gap filled smile. Previous methods including installing a bridge using two good adjacent teeth and filling the gap with a new artificial tooth supported by the bridge.

However, this is not such a permanent solution as installing a dental implant into the place where teeth are missing. The larger dental implants do have some drawbacks, as they require more bone presence. Mini dental implants do not need as much bone present!

Mini dental implants are exactly the same structure as the larger implants but smaller. They are made up essentially of 2 parts. One of the parts is a titanium post at the end of which a ball is attached, And the other part is a socket that has a rubber O-ring.  This enables the artificial tooth to be fixed to the post. Once in place, they are able to provide support for crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Dentists can normally install mini implants in just one single visit and only a local anesthetic is required. By the end of the same day, the new teeth are quite usable.

Benefits of mini dental implants

Mini dental implants let you eat and speak normally again. As well as giving you back the confidence to smile.

Because the dental implants are fixed independently they benefit your oral health overall because they are not anchored to adjacent teeth as happens with bridges. Mini dental implans don’t loosen up like a denture could.This means you can keep your remaining teeth and gums free.

Caring for mini implants

Once the mini dental implants are in place then they require you to care for them as you would normal teeth.

Make sure you brush twice a day and floss once a day using a fluoridated toothpaste. Your gums might be a little sensitive following the mini dental implant so you could use a soft-bristled toothbrush which will be to your benefit.

Who makes a good candidate for mini implants?

Your dentist will offer his or her opinion on the suitability of mini dental implants to replace any of your missing teeth. You will need to have healthy gums and sufficient bone which can support the titanium post that is fixed into it. Normally, mini implants don’t face quite the same problems as usual sized dental implants and they don’t require as much bone.

There is a process for fixing in place a mini implant. And once it’s in place it will need to heal before a permanent artificial tooth is fixed permanently in position. In the meantime, a temporary restoration like a crown will be fitted enabling you to use the new mini implant.

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