These days, for patients in Essex, braces can be a discreet and customised method of realigning their teeth. At Simply Teeth, gone are the days of unsightly, uncomfortable metal wires and brackets attached to the fronts of the teeth.

We offer all of the new techniques for braces. Our courses of teeth straightening give you a neat smile in a relatively short amount of time, without spoiling your looks or making you reluctant to enjoy yourself at social occasions during your treatment.


New Techniques For BracesNew Techniques For Braces

Our up-to-date range of braces come in a variety of forms. Simply Teeth is proud to offer the new techniques for braces. We have clear, almost invisible, and tooth-coloured appliances, which have a minimal impact on your appearance while they efficiently improve your dental health.

It’s even possible that your colleagues and friends won’t know you’re wearing our braces unless you tell them. Once the course of treatment is completed, your crooked or crowded teeth will be a thing of the past.


A Range of Improvements

The first step in any treatment is a consultation at our friendly practice in Essex. Braces that are right for you will then be provided by our experienced dentist after careful consideration. It might be just your front teeth that need realignment, if they stick out too much and make biting difficult.

Or it might be that you need more extensive treatment applied to your whole set of teeth to bring them into positions that are healthier and put less strain on your jaw.


Looking After Your Health

Your teeth certainly look better when they are straight. But their are benefits to your dental health too. The risk of gum disease and bad breath will be greatly reduced, as straighter teeth are easier to keep clean. There’ll be fewer spaces in the mouth that your toothbrush finds tricky to access. So the chances of unnecessary tooth decay are also reduced.

At Simply Teeth in Essex, braces are seen as an investment in your overall oral health. Much more than just a cosmetic improvement, they look after your wellbeing by lessening the chances of future dental problems. And these improvements can be achieved using a variety of subtle and relatively speedy methods. We’d be delighted to hear from you today, to take the first step towards having braces in Essex.