If your teeth are badly aligned, it’s likely you’ll be unhappy with the way they look. They will also be harder to clean than straight teeth, putting you at risk of oral health complications like gum disease or tooth decay.

And on top of all that, the wonky teeth might be putting extra strain on your jaw when you bite or chew. But the thought of having these problems corrected can be daunting.

For many people in Essex, braces are imagined as an uncomfortable, strange-looking contraptions, which are worn for a long time. But at Simply Teeth, this is not the case. Actually, the benefits of braces far outweigh the negatives.


Benefits Of BracesBenefits Of Braces

We offer a number of modern alternatives to metal braces that are discreet, comfortable, and efficient. The course of treatment is also shorter than it would be using traditional fixed metal braces.

Typically, it takes from 6 months to a year or more, depending on the type of adjustment you need.

For people in Essex, braces like these are a solution for crooked or crowded teeth, which doesn’t spoil their appearance during treatment. One example is invisible braces. Let’s take a look at this more closely.


Stages of Change

At our friendly practice, the first step towards teeth straightening is a careful assessment of your requirements. We may x-ray your teeth, or take some impressions of your teeth, to help us get the full picture of what needs to be done.

We then use this detailed information to produce a series of aligners, moulded precisely to fit over your teeth. These appliances are made of clear plastic, and you will wear each one for around 2 weeks before you move on to the next one in the series. They can be removed during mealtimes and when you clean your teeth.

Being transparent, they are much easier on the eye than the ‘train track’ style braces.


Extra Bonus To The Benefits Of Braces

By choosing to have these almost invisible braces in Essex, you’ll be making a long-term investment in your oral health. Straighter teeth are healthier and easier to clean. And they look much more attractive, boosting your confidence. At Simply Teeth, we see what a positive difference this subtle treatment can make to our patients’ lives.