Many people avoid the dentist because they are afraid or uncomfortable at the thought of a dental procedure. However, not visiting the dentist regularly can lead to many dental problems. Problems including tooth decay, cavities, gum disease and infections. If left untreated or undetected for a long time, these issues can all develop into more complex, painful and costly problems down the road.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

What Is Sedation DentistryAt Simply Teeth, we understand that dental fear and anxiety are real problems for many people. Whether a result of bad childhood experiences or due to psychological or other reasons. Fear of the dentist can develop into a genuine phobia if not addressed early on. Here at Simply Teeth, our Ilford dentist, Dr Andrea Wraith, is a sedation specialist. Every day, our team comes in contact with many patients who are frightened, embarrassed and in pain. With sedation dentistry, we aim to make you feel at ease and help you appreciate the results of your dental treatment.

What is sedation dentistry like?

Sedation dentistry allows your dentist in Ilford to provide a variety of dental treatments safely and comfortably, by taking the pressure off. Sedation is ideal for patients who experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. But they still require treatment for more serious dental issues such as tooth extractions, root canal treatments or even implant surgery. Sedation dentistry will leave you with no sense of time or memory of the procedure. Patients who have undergone treatment under sedation tend to be more relaxed and comfortable.

At Simply Teeth, sedation dentistry is carried out in the presence of Dr Andrea Wraith, who will provide the best solution for your individual case. You may only require enough anaesthetic to relax you. Or if you are extremely nervous you may need to be put under general anaesthetic. Some patients require additional sedation in the form of sedative pills or deep sedation, such as IV (intravenous) sedation. This leaves you on the edge of consciousness but in touch with the environment and your surroundings. Your Ilford dentist at Simply Teeth will assess your case on an individual basis.  After assessing they will provide you the best sedation option in order to make you feel as comfortable as possible.