In recent years selfies or pictures taken by you of yourself are becoming more and more commonplace. There hasn’t been any real explanation as to why this trend has become so popular but it seems to help a lot in determining what we feel about our looks. But had your realised there also is a link between the rise of the selfie and dentists?

There are two positive outcomes for people when it comes to oral health. The first is that selfies in particular appear to have a positive role to play in improving the way we brush our teeth. This in turn lowers the incident of tooth decay and gum disease. The second is the desire to improve one’s smile by participating in cosmetic dental treatment.

Brushing teeth improves using video selfies

In a study conducted recently by a U.S. dental school the group who was willing to participate were asked to make a film of themselves in the process of cleaning their teeth.

The research team found that when the participants were brushing while recording. That there was an 8% improvement in how well they brushed. The phones they were using for the video recordings were placed on stands so they could film independently from the participant’s actions.

One of the researchers in the study stated that video selfies allowed a person to be able to see more clearly. They were able to see which teeth were getting the best brushing and which were being left out. They can then make a bit of extra effort and concentrate on brushing those teeth that get constantly missed.

Rise of the selfie and dentists

It’s quite usual when a photo is taken that you will be asked by the taker to smile. Even if it means inputting a joke or two at the time to encourage you to do so.

Smiling involves exposing your teeth which will reveal both a perfect set of white teeth. Therefore, any irregularities such as broken, crooked, chipped or stained teeth will also be exposed.

Posting selfies on social media has it seems encouraged people to seek ways of improving any irregularities in their teeth. They aren’t rushing in to make an appointment with their dentists. But, they are emailing selfies to dental surgeries asking for ways to improve their teeth’s appearance. Many dental procedures that correct misaligned teeth not only have better outcomes when you smile. But moving the teeth into the right place enables you to bite and chew on food you had difficulty handling. This is because your front and bottom teeth didn’t meet exactly, making biting and chewing an arduous chore.

How photos affect how teeth look

This rise in desire for your teeth to look white and natural in your mouth after taking selfies has become a bit of a concern. This is because a camera doesn’t always reveal exactly what your teeth really look like. If shade in your mouth is obstructing the camera’s ability to see properly it might even appear that you have no teeth at all in that part of your mouth!

Additionally, when the light flashes onto your front teeth when taking a selfie, it may appear that your teeth are sticking out more.

According to dentists they applaud the concern people are having for their teeth. The link between the rise of the selfie and dentists is good! As it means other more serious problems like dental decay can be picked up quicker. Since more people are attending appointments for cosmetic reasons.

However, the selfie taker shouldn’t get too alarmed from the results of snapping a picture of their teeth but instead should go and get a dentist’s opinion first.