Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth that you are considering straightening? Six Month Smiles at Simply Teeth is a popular treatment for adults who want to align crooked teeth with braces in Essex. They use effective tooth-coloured braces to gently guide teeth into straight alignment over a short period of time. But what makes Six Month Smiles different from other styles of braces?

What makes Six Month Smiles different from conventional braces?

What Makes Six Month Smiles DifferentConventional metal braces are considered to look unsightly. They are definitely not a subtle approach to teeth straightening. What’s more they can take two to three years to complete your treatment. As the name implies, with Six Month Smiles the average treatment time is just 6 months. This is why they are a popular treatment when it comes to braces in Essex.

How do they work so quickly?

During your consultation, our dentists will only concentrate on the teeth that show most prominently when you smile. These are generally known as the ‘social six’. By focusing on just these teeth, treatment time is shortened. This is because there is no need to make significant changes to your bite system.

This means that by moving only a few of your teeth and making some small adjustments, a significant aesthetic result will be achieved. All you need to do us is visit us at Simply Teeth every 2 to 4 weeks to have your braces adjusted. It will gently align your teeth to reveal a smile with straight teeth front and centre.

That sounds painful!

Most of our patients tell us that the feeling of having braces fitted to their teeth is unusual, rather than painful. This is something that you will become used to. Your gums may feel inflamed or sore for a few days after treatment, but a painkiller such as ibuprofen will ease these symptoms.

We hope your mind is now made up to finally get your braces in Essex. We can even offer our patients a free consultation, where you can discuss any issues you may have with our dental professionals. If that isn’t enough to swing it for you, maybe free teeth whitening with all SMS treatments will? Give Simply Teeth a call today, to start your straightforward journey to straighter teeth.