Teeth have many uses in our lives, and it would be hard to enjoy life so much without them. Perhaps one of the most important functions after eating is the ability to smile at others. Social interaction is so important to each of us. If something is interfering with your ability to smile, then it might be time to do something about it.

Crooked teeth can really affect your inclination to use your smile. At Simply Teeth, we want to help you get it back with one of our great solutions like Six Month Smiles in Essex at our clinic.

Do Six Month Smiles Really WorkDo Six Month Smiles Really Work?

Six Month Smiles are fixed braces that work through brackets attached to your teeth. The process begins with a consultation and detailed examination by one of our dentists. They will then take an impression of your teeth to be sent off to get your unique patient trays. These are sent back to our clinic in Essex. Six Month Smiles create a pattern of brackets inside the trays ready to be fitted at your next appointment.

When you return, the dentist applies an adhesive to the brackets and fits the tray over your teeth. When it is removed, the brackets stay behind. Your dentist adds wire and ties and your braces are fitted.

The secret behind braces is usually the wire and this is the same with Six Month Smiles. The wire wants to revert to its original shape and will try and do so. It is this shift in the wire that creates the gentle force that moves the teeth over an extended time period.

Six Month Smiles is a simple and relatively swift process that gives you tooth-coloured brackets and wires which are subtle and unobtrusive in the mouth.

Choosing Six Month Smiles in Essex

You will be seen and supported by someone who is trained to administer the Six Month Smiles system and who monitors your progress as you go along. We offer this service as part of a range of options that your dentist will be pleased to discuss with you so that you feel like you are making the right choice.