What are ‘invisible braces’? And how are they different from your image of braces? At Simply Teeth, we can show you pictures of systems in action and you can see how discreet they look but, in the meantime, it is worth getting an overview of the options for invisible braces to see if they sound like something you want to try.

Options For Invisible Braces

 Options For Invisible BracesAt our clinic in Essex, invisible braces are just one of the options that we offer as an aesthetically pleasing correction for your crooked teeth. Making an appointment does not commit you to anything but it does give you an opportunity to discuss your particular needs with a qualified practitioner.

Six Month Smiles explained

Six Month Smiles are fixed braces that are clear or tooth-coloured. They tend to focus on the teeth that are visible when you smile and this is what makes them able to produce rapid results. They are an option for many people as they can exert a similar amount of force to traditional metal braces, but it would still depend on what kind of result you want and what your priorities are.

Braces all essentially work in the same way, which is to use a system that exerts subtle pressure on the tooth and creates a response in the body that allows the tooth to shift in the direction of the pressure. The wire going through your brackets and the position of the brackets are what creates the unique pattern of movement in your mouth which has been calculated in advance by your dentist.

Options For Invisible Braces Conclusion

Simply Teeth is proud to offer invisible braces in Essex. We want to give patients an excellent experience in our practice and with our team. This applies during their treatment and afterwards.

We put you at the centre of any recommendations we offer, based on listening to everything you want to achieve and the way you want to get there. The ultimate choice is yours and the experience will be yours as well and so you need to be clear in yourself that you are getting what you want. We aim to help you get there as swiftly as possible.