Teeth Whitening

Give yourself a smile to be proud of.

So what’s so important about white teeth?

For one, people equate sparkling white teeth with good health.

Good teeth, after all, is a sign of good nutrition. It also speaks of good hygiene. But teeth don’t stay white all the time. The healthy white teeth you have now may not be the same shade of white many years down the line.

And when that happens, you may be too self-conscious, lose confidence and even self-esteem because of discoloured teeth.

To get teeth back to its beautiful pearly-white condition, we offer several effective tooth whitening procedures that will get you smiling again.

So how exactly does teeth whitening work and is this the right procedure for you?

About Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is becoming more and more popular in the UK. As more and more people look for affordable opportunities to improve the quality of their smile, there are more products available, new brands appearing and more dentists with the technology to deliver different treatments and solutions.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Makes you look and feel younger

Whiter teeth make you look and feel younger, partly because we associate white teeth with youth and beauty, and partly because we naturally look younger when we smile, and we smile more when we like our smile.

Easy to maintain after your treatment

Following your treatment, we can provide you with a take-home whitening maintenance kit that includes custom-made trays and whitening gel, so you’re able to maintain your amazing new white teeth whenever you need to.

Leads to better overall dental hygiene

We often find that as soon as patients have their teeth whitened, they become more motivated to take better care of other areas of their mouth and gums – leading to better overall hygiene as well as teeth that simply look better.

Quick, simple and effective

Compared to other methods of improving the look of your teeth and smile, teeth whitening is quick and simple, as it doesn’t need much in the way of preparation or structured enhancements – you’re instantly good to go!

Intoducing the Enlighten® system of teeth whitening.

Enlighten is a technological leader in professional teeth whitening. A US-based research laboratory, they pride themselves on their ability to produce cutting-edge products that really make a visible difference to your smile and your self-confidence.

The key to the success of Enlighten is that it works safely and painlessly, yet at the same time it also provides predicable results.

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