Advanced computer software means smile design is an excellent, effective method of enabling patients to see results of cosmetic dental treatment right from the outset. At Essex clinic Simply Teeth, digital smile design is an important part of the smile makeover process.

How To Get Your Dream Smile

How To Get Your Dream Smile

Our Essex practice embraces the latest advances in dental technology when it comes to smile design. Being able to show patients what the results of their treatment will look like instils confidence. As well as ensuring that there are no surprises further down the line.

When you come into Simply Teeth in Essex for a cosmetic dentistry consultation, your dentist will find out what your ideal smile would look like. Then they will undertake a full clinical examination before using smile design software to show you what you can expect from your smile makeover.

No matter what you require. Be it tooth straightening treatment, dream of a Hollywood bright white smile, or need to replace one or more teeth with dental implants, cosmetic dentures or bridgework. Smile design is a vital part of the process. Your Essex cosmetic dentist will ensure that you are entirely happy with the projected results of any procedures. They will make sure you know exactly what will be involved.

One or more of our cosmetic dentistry options will be used to create the smile you’ve always wanted. Whatever the term “ideal smile” means to you. Then only when you are happy with the results of your smile design consultation will your dentist draw up your customised treatment plan.

Popular smile makeover techniques at Simply Teeth Essex include:

Discreet teeth straightening

Using either fixed, tooth coloured appliances – FastBraces or Six Month Smiles – or clear, removable Invisalign aligners. Your Essex dentist can quickly and discreetly improve the position of your teeth.

Porcelain veneers

These thin porcelain shells are often described as being like false fingernails for the teeth. But unlike false nails they are designed to last long-term. So, a single veneer can improve how a permanently discoloured tooth looks, whilst a full set can address minor spacing or alignment issues.

Conclusion to How To Get Your Dream Smile

Whatever treatment you need, a smile design appointment at our Essex clinic is where your journey starts.