Here at Simply Teeth we know that not everyone wants people to know exactly what’s going on with their dental health. Most people want to go through the processes that help them look their best in privacy. Did you know about there is a sneaky way to straighten your teeth? Invisalign! That’s why Invisalign is one kind of discreet braces in Essex that we offer at our 3 practices.

Invisalign is the perfect system if you need to get your teeth straightened but you don’t want to call attention to the fact that you are wearing braces. In Essex, at our practices in Ilford, Stansted and Stanford-le-Hope, you can get Invisalign to help restore your beautiful smile.

A Sneaky Way To Straighten Your TeethA Sneaky Way To Straighten Your Teeth

You come into your nearest Simply Teeth practice for a consultation. We take an impression of your teeth. Then we use it to take detailed measurements of the inside of your mouth, the gums and teeth. Before making a computer model of how your teeth look now and how they need to move in order to become beautifully aligned. Therefore you can then see how your new smile will look. Having this picture in your mind as you go through treatment is a great incentive.

The next step for your Invisalign braces in Essex is to send off all this information to the Invisalign laboratory in the USA. This is where your series of aligners is manufactured. Aligners are very thin, transparent plastic mouth guard-like trays that fit very snugly over your teeth. They are very hard to see once they are in place. Each tray matches a step along the route that your teeth will travel to reach perfect alignment.

You wear each tray for about 2 weeks. They are deliberately made to not fit perfectly. The pressure from where they don’t fit gently nudges your teeth along to the next position. When the pressure wears off, you start wearing the next tray.

Invisalign aligners are removable, so it’s easy to keep them, and your teeth, clean, and to eat whatever you like. Therefore, you will need to wear them for 22 hours a day for your treatment to be completed on schedule.