Six Month Smiles have provided something of a revolution to the world of adult orthodontics. At Simply Teeth in Essex we are keen to extol the virtues of straightening your teeth, whatever your age. By using a cosmetic brace system such as Six Month Smiles, it is possible to do this both quickly and discreetly – with excellent results.

Six Month Smiles Explained

Six Month Smiles Explained

An increasing number of adults are looking to straighten their teeth later in life. Whether they missed out on orthodontic treatment as a teenager, or had treatment only to suffer adult relapse, as more and people begin to appreciate the true value of an attractive smile, so the demand for adult orthodontics is growing.

One of the major barriers to teeth straightening treatment for adults is the misconception that it has to involve metal braces. They are braces, but won’t be noticed by the majority of people in daily life. This is because they eschew the obvious metal components. Instead they are made from tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires and clear ceramic brackets. This all means they blend in well with the natural colour of your teeth.

Six Month Smiles also work much more quickly than traditional orthodontic appliances. This is because they focus on the social six front teeth – those that show when you smile. At our Essex dental practice we find it is these teeth that most adults are primarily concerned about.

When you come into Simply Teeth Essex for a Six Month Smiles consultation, your dentist will first assess your suitability for treatment. Six Month Smiles aren’t designed for major correction of issues involving the bite (how your jaws meet) but are an excellent choice for mild to moderate crowding and alignment issues with the front teeth.

Six months is the average treatment time – some milder cases at our Essex dental clinic are complete in as little as four months. The vast majority complete within nine.

Six Month Smiles Explained Conclusion

At the end of treatment, you will need to wear a retainer. Both bonded and removable varieties are available from our Essex dental clinic. We will also provide you with free home teeth whitening when teeth straightening is complete.