Veneers have been used by craftsmen for centuries to transform the appearance of a sturdy and functional piece of furniture into a work of art. Dental veneers work on a similar principle, transforming sturdy, functional but unattractive teeth into something that you can be proud of, namely your smile. But did you also consider how veneers boost your confidence?

However well you care for your teeth, there is always the chance that they will become damaged or stained over the course of a lifetime. As long as your teeth are relatively sound and healthy. Then veneers are a way to restore their cosmetic appearance.

How Veneers Boost Your Confidence

How Veneers Boost Your ConfidenceAt Simply Teeth here in Essex, veneers allow many of our patients to smile with confidence.

When you smile, the whole world smiles with you

We are all aware how great an attractive smile makes someone look. You only have to watch the actresses on the red carpet at an award show to realise that without a beautiful smile, the most glamorous dresses would not look quite so stunning. This is why, for many of our patients in Essex, veneers are proving to be an effective way to enhance the appearance of their teeth.

Many of us are spending more on looking good. More time, more money and more effort.It can be frustrating if you realise that your teeth are letting you down. Although certain problems such as gaps and unevenly aligned teeth can be treated using other treatments such as braces. Braces are unable to solve every dental problem.

When are veneers the best solution?

Dental veneers are the most effective solution when teeth are chipped or unevenly shaped. Some people have teeth that are very short or narrow, leaving gaps between teeth. In this situation, braces would not be a suitable solution, but veneers would. Teeth that have become discoloured due to the use of certain medication, cannot be whitened. Again veneers would be the best solution to these problems.

The best way to find out if dental veneers are an effective remedy for your dental issues would be to come in and see one of our dentists. In some circumstances, such as if you grind your teeth in your sleep, veneers may not be a satisfactory treatment for you.