Waterlase Laser Dentistry

Say goodbye to dentist drills for good by switching to this revolutionary new technology.

What is Laser Dentistry and Waterlase?

Waterlase is a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental equipment. Using laser and water spray, Waterlase can perform many procedures without the need for an injection or a drill, which will come as a big relief to many patients.

Don’t Like Needles or Drills?

If you have dental phobia and dread the thought of drilling sounds or the use of needles, Waterlase could be the perfect option for you to get the treatment you need. The laser enables our dentist to use fewer drills or less anaesthetic in order to perform your treatments, hopefully resulting in a less anxious experience. However, injections may still be necessary depending on your individual needs.

Safe, Comfortable and Effective

Waterlase is safe to use, produces fantastic results, and because it uses water, which is what teeth are made of, it keeps them hydrated during use. It is an extremely convenient method of dentistry, as it often means patients do not need an injection to numb the area about to be treated. 

Saves You Valuable Time

Waterlase saves you time during your appointment, meaning your dentist can proceed with your treatment sooner. Waterlase is also great for precision compared to traditional drilling. It removes less of the tooth and offers an experience far less scary.

Waterlase Periodontal Surgery

One of the great benefits of using the Waterlase system is for treating periodontitis. The cleaning is very thorough, without causing the teeth to get hot (unlike traditional methods) – meaning less pain. Not using drills also means less bone is damaged. The Waterlase system actually regenerates bone in periodontitis cases. There are also anti-cross-contamination benefits to Waterlase, as it works without any actual contact with the patient’s tooth. This means less chance of bacteria being transferred from it.

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