Some people simply don’t go for regular check-ups at the dentist because they fear if they need any treatment, like fillings, scaling and cleaning. That the tools the dentist uses will harm them in some way. Even though this is far from the truth this is just how some patients feel. A common noisy, vibrating but rarely painful tool used is the drill. Now though, there is technology becoming available that outdates this noisy device and that is Waterlase®. But what is Waterlase?

What is Waterlase?

Waterlase® uses what is called hydrokinetic technology, which is able to eliminate both soft and hard tissue user laser-powered droplets of water. There isn’t any heat involved or vibrations and it makes no sound. The Federal Drug Administration in the U.S. gave the go ahead for its use in 1998.

The sorts of jobs the Waterlase® can do include:

  • removal of decay;
  • preparing a cavity for a filing;
  • preparing the enamel for bonding material and veneers;
  • gum reshaping and lifts;
  • soft tissue procedures;
  • teeth extraction.

What are the benefits of Waterlase?

The action of Waterlase® is to combine laser energy and atomized water in order to carefully remove soft and hard tissue.  Because it’s painless it takes away the need of numbing drugs.  At the same time it sterilises the area which needs attention. They might need attention from the exposing of soft tissue is less likely to encourage the invasion of bacteria and the outbreak of infection.

Most of you have confidence in the dentist to ensure you have a pain free experience. However, some children are often dragged to the dentist kicking and screaming because they have this inner fear that the dentist is going to hurt them. Of course, this rarely happens but once they have experienced Waterlase® it gives them more confidence. They will be able to attend their regular check-ups willingly! Apart from these benefits, Waterlase® also ensures that:

  • neighbouring teeth aren’t affected;
  • fillings bond better and far more quickly;
  • less of the healthy tooth needs to be removed;
  • minimal bleeding throughout the whole treatment;
  • there is noiseless operation;
  • there is far better accuracy when targeting dental problems.
  • further dental visits are minimised.

The process of a Waterlase procedure

As with virtually all dental treatment, no one event is the same. However, there is a set procedure used for Waterlase. First of all you will be provided with eye protection. Secondly, a Waterlase® laser device will stream water which will cut into both soft and hard tissue depending on the type of treatment.  The laser will clean the area as it is moved around. It’s all quite straightforward and will not only increase your comfort level but it overall minimises the cost of dental treatment and you will relieve any anxiety that has often prevented you from plucking up the courage to visit your dentist as regularly as you should.

If you really want your teeth and smile improved your dentist has available the most up-to-date painless techniques like Waterlase®. Waterlase can be used for many cosmetic dental procedures as well as helping to ensure your teeth remain healthy. Now you know exactly what is Waterlase, you can ask your dentist about Waterlase and book a consultation next time you are there for a checkup.

Where to get more information

You can find out more information about Waterlase on the official website of Biolase – the manufacturers of the Waterlase system.