Here at Simply Teeth, our dentist in Ilford can offer you much more than cosmetic procedures. We also offer general dentistry services to all of our patients. We are lucky enough to have Dr. Shira as a key part of our dental team.

Simply Teeth Essex Dental Practice Team – Dr. Shira

Simply Teeth Essex Dental PracticeDr. Shira has a keen interest in general dentistry, including root canals. He accepts referrals from other dentists who have previously been unable to successfully complete root canals. Whats more he relishes the challenges a difficult root canal can present.

He has a great success rate in treating diseases of the dental pulp. That’s the stuff beneath the hard outer coating of your teeth. He also prides himself on his honesty with patients. He’ll let you know if it is really worth restoring the tooth or whether it is better off extracted. With Dr. Shira, the tooth can usually be restored 90 percent of the time.

What does a root canal involve?

As a local dentist in Ilford, Essex, Dr. Shira will perform a root canal when your tooth has a particularly large cavity in it. A large cavity is when it has reached as far as the nerve in the tooth. You may also need a root canal treatment if a tooth breaks, exposing the nerve. This level of damage can cause the nerve to become infected. An abscess can develop too. If left untreated, the infection can spread and can become very painful. Ultimately the nerve may even die. It is therefore crucial that you seek out professional dental treatment

This doesn’t always have to mean having a root canal. Alternative options performed by our dentist in Ilford include bridges, dentures and implants. However a root canal will allow you to keep your tooth so you can avoid tooth extraction.

We never want any of our patients to get to the point of needing root canal treatment or extraction, which is why regular visits are recommended to keep your oral health in great shape. Give us a call today if you feel you may need to visit a dentist in Ilford. At Simply Teeth we’ll take care of your oral health so you can smile brightly.

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