A little knowledge can go a long way to helping you take action around your teeth. At Simply Teeth in Essex, invisible braces are something that we believe can be beneficial to your life as a whole. Not just for your teeth. We understand that confidence is the magic ingredient in many situations. Both professionally and socially. It can be hard to manifest confidence if you have a crooked smile or are wearing obtrusive braces.

Are Invisible Braces Too Good To Be True?

Many people wonder are invisible braces too good to be true. We would like the opportunity to give you another option with our professional advice on invisible braces.

Are Invisible Braces Too Good To Be True?

It used to be that braces looked a certain way and that was it as far as choice goes. If you wanted to have straight teeth then you would need to have metal in your mouth for months or years. This would often leave patients wondering what people were thinking and having their confidence affected. Now, invisible braces are a real option for people who are correcting mild to moderate issues for their teeth.

One of the options we offer for invisible braces in Essex is Invisalign aligners. These are clear trays that fit over the top of the teeth to create a seamless look and all the function you need to get results.

In order to get teeth to move. Gentle, consistent pressure needs to be applied to a tooth which will gradually shift position in response. This is true no matter what method you use. The underlying biology of teeth straightening remains the same. What dentists have realised however is that there are degrees of force that can be used depending on what the desired result needs to be. If only mild amounts of pressure are required. Then it is not always necessary to have the strength of brackets and wire and aligners alone can do the trick.

Why choose invisible braces in Essex?

We have worked with many patients to achieve great results. We think the magic formula is great dental products plus professional, affable service. Along with diligent attention to the needs of the patient. We can give you all the information you need to make the trip from the smile you have to the smile you want.